Staff Augmentation

Wicresoft is the recognized leader in technical staff augmentation, consulting and training excellence in Staffing Solutions.


Microsoft Global Premier Vendor (MSVP)

Wicresoft has a solid and experienced expert team, based on continuous innovation and investments. Wicresoft fully complies with world-class service/technology standards and aims to build itself into a trusted global outsourcing service provide.


Business Process Outsourcing

Wicresoft is committed to creating precise process management planning for enterprises reducing cost and improving core value. As a global leading premium partner of Microsoft, Wicresoft is committed to providing our clients with a world-class business process management. Helping our customers focus on their core business with professional and efficient service, and creating values for our clients by continuing to help improve and optimize their business model.


ERP/CRM Services

As a global leading premium partner of Microsoft, Wicresoft has long been involved in the consulting and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics-based ERP/CRM solutions and premium technical services for mid-sized enterprises, large corporations and its subsidiaries. The Wicresoft solutions are the best-fit for real business demands and significantly improves profitability and competitiveness of the clients.


For more than a decade, Wicresoft has provided best-in-class technology services and solutions to help service providers and enterprise customers meet their goals for innovation, customer satisfaction, and long-term profitability. As a leading global IT service provider, Wicresoft analyzes customer requirements and consistently helps clients streamline business processes, improve core competencies and reduce operational expenditures to create value and achieve competitive advantages.  
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 Wicresoft North America Headquarters:

13810 SE Eastgate Way
Suite 560
Bellevue, Washington 98005
Tel:  425-214-0600
Fax: 425-214-0699
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